Stay in Israel and Feel in Italy – The Custom of Drinking Soda Water with Coffee

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Every coffee lover knows that drinking coffee is not limited just to the act of drinking coffee, but is an experience in itself, involving all the senses. Like wine tasters, who use all their senses in order to ascertain the nature of the wine in front of them, coffee drinking should evoke a similar experience, from preparation to the last sip. In Italy, coffee is an art form and a culture of its own, where coffee preparation and drinking are considered a concert of aromas and flavors. It is exactly for this reason that the custom of drinking soda water alongside coffee was created there.

History of the custom of drinking soda water with coffee

Italy is thought to be the first country where soda water was served alongside coffee. The reason is simple – drinking soda water cleanses the palate after eating, allowing the purest flavors of coffee to be tasted. Over the years, Italians have upgraded soda water by adding a sweetened concentrate, and that is how Italian soda as created. This sweetened soda comes in a variety of flavors and continues to develop even today. The custom arrived in the US from Italy. At first, they drank their coffee exactly as the Italians do – espresso with soda. However, American did not take to the bitter flavor of coffee and added milk or cream. Moreover, they added chocolate to the soda, improving the contrast between the bitter coffee and the sweet soda, enhancing the experience. Nowadays, the custom of drinking soda with coffee has reached all corners of the world.



What are the benefits?

Drinking soda with coffee has two main benefits. First, drinking soda causes a refreshing feeling after a meal, and therefore allows you to taste the coffee’s real flavor. Second, the soda allows regular coffee consumers a change in the mouth feel and injects airiness in the oral cavity, which enhances the entire coffee experience and helps to experience the taste of the coffee, even after a few cups. In addition, the contrast between coffee and soda or sweetened soda enhances the coffee experience significantly.

Shattering myths about soda and coffee

Many claim that each of these two drinks cause accelerated dehydration on their own, and that combining the two may cause grievous harm to the body. This mistake is based on the assumption that the only fluids a person consumes in a day come from drinking coffee and soda. However, when we talk about drinking coffee with soda, we are not referring to huge quantities, merely the introduction of a cup of coffee and soda in addition to our daily fluid intake. Another myth about soda is that it can cause harm to people with digestive problems. However, many studies have shown that soda water is actually beneficial for digestive problems.

Improving coffee beverages with soda

Once it was discovered that soda could enhance the coffee drinking experience, many soda-based drinks were created.

The most basic drink in this category is called Coffee Soda and contains, in addition to coffee and soda, other ingredients, depending on the drinker’s preferences, such as milk, sugar and whipped cream. There are other coffee drinks with soda that contain different of types alcohol. Also, there are carbonated beverages, which have added coffee extract, thus making it possible to achieve the basic element of contrast in flavors within an energy drink.

In conclusion, the custom of drinking coffee with soda is ancient, but it exists to this day and allows many coffee lovers to fully enjoy the coffee drinking experience. Through this custom, you can enjoy quality coffee through all your senses, and feel that you are in Europe, even if you have not crossed the borders of Israel.


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